Summer Solstice Celebration Ideas

Ah, Summer Solstice a time celebrated for centuries to mark the longest day of the year, a time where the light of day outlasts darkness. In the Northern Hemisphere this date falls on or around June 21st.   The Solstice ushers in the official onset of Summer and is seen as a time to celebrate abundance, […]

History of Dreamcatchers

There are several legends around dreamcatchers, and although they are very      popular in mainstream culture today, they were not widely recognized by many Native American tribes until the mid 1900’s. The original dreamcatchers originated with the Ojibwe people. Their legend states that Asibikaashi, a spider woman, protected the people, especially the young.  As the tribe […]

How to Identify Rare and Unique Stones

Go for a walk in almost any location and chances are you will see rock and stone of some sort.  All stones have a unique beauty and energy.  Many people find themselves mysteriously drawn to them and there are many types of rock art, furniture, and décor items sold every day.  Stone is a grounding […]

5 Perfect Decorations for a Well Balanced Bedroom

The ancient art of Feng Shui focuses on creating balance within any space.  There are many techniques used according to a rooms function to welcome harmonious energies and to remove negativity.  The bedroom is an extremely important area because we spend a great deal of our lives sleeping.  Sleep should be restorative and healing and […]

How to Create a Meditation Room

Meditation is most effective when practiced in a quiet, serene area free from distractions.  Those who are serious about making meditation a regular exercise should consider devoting a room or area of the home specifically to spiritual work.  Develop a sanctuary, a place of safety and serenity where you can really let go and delve […]